A plastic trail
The menace of plastic is a real managerial dilemma obviously when it masks your lanes and chokes your ways. But here the good news.
Think if the stretches of road you cover if asphalted with plastic waste! Not bad right? Yes the real good news. The BMP (Banglore Mahanagara Palike) is in the lime light. They have shown the path- by decided to use poly blend for upgrading 40 % of the roads in the city, aided by World Bank this year. Inspired by past experience of a sweet success, they have taken the risk expending 1400 million rupees. With out gutters and cesspools you can have a nice ride over the roads, since the maintenance and damage for the roads are least. A better advantage is that the rain can not harm these roads as water seepage is not possible through the upgraded tar. So what? As you travel, the heaps of plastic will not be an eyesore any more, as each kilometer of road, of average width necessitate 2 tonnes of polyblend. You will be steering over them making your journey effortless. They will cover your lanes wishing you a happy journey.