Bharathapuzha, the pride of Kerala, looks to its uncertain future!!
Bharathapuzha (Nilanadi) ,the second largest river of Kerala is dry in summer months resulting in water shortage to Palakkad,Thrissur and Malappuram district of Kerala. Many places here depend on Nila River for drinking water as well as for agricultural purposes. The life of the people here is so much interlinked with the river both socially and culturally. Nila is the pride of south Malabar for historic reasons. The river already has pollution problems
( ...) and sand mining issues. The large number of reservoirs reduced the water flow leading to hard summer months. River acts should prove beneficial to the involved states rather than causing the death of the river. Violation of Parambikulam Aliar Project (PAP) agreement is causing yet another threat to the acute water shortage in the river during summer months (article by Mr. G. Prabhakaran in Hindu Daily