Environment Education: Extend to the public
(Adapted from UNEP vital water graphics ) Executive Summary Highlights from assessment activities over the past two decades, which are used to establish present and future water trends, reveal that:
» Here are simple things we can all do to help reduce the dangers of climate change:
» Reduce energy usage at home by purchasing energy efficient appliances;
» Walk, bike or use public transportation instead of driving;
» Consider buying a hybrid vehicle, which has much better gas mileage and emits less CO;
» Plant trees, which absorb carbon dioxide;
» Offset your own emissions from heating and cooling your house and from driving and flying;
» Avoid the use of bottled water and other products with unnecessary packaging;
» Call or write to your public officials and let him/her know that climate change is an issue of concern to you; and
» Encourage and educate others to do the same.
(Make Environment Education a hobby)