Yet another meet: Promises are on the high!!
The G-8 nations’ (group of eight leading industrial nations) meet in Toyako, northern Japan, is reported to have endorsed the idea of cutting global emissions by at least 50 percent by 2050. It is not expected that the present G-8 meet will come up with any workable solution to cut the greenhouse gases.
The G-8 is yet to push forward stalled U.N.-led talks on forging a new accord to battle global warming by the end of next year. The United States is reported to fully cooperate with the issue, but with the usual comment that the major developing economies such as India and China should take part in the process. According to Jim Connaughton, chairman of the White House's Council on Environmental Quality, "It has always been the case that a long-term goal is one that must be shared. So the G-8 has offered today is a G-8 view of what that goal could be and should be but that can only occur with the agreement of all the other parties." However, the environmentalists world wide are not happy with this development as the present endorsement did not go beyond the G-8 statement last year. The Director of the World Wildlife Fund's Global Climate Initiative, Dr. Kim Carstensen stated "So little progress after a whole year of Minister meetings and negotiations is not only a wasted opportunity, it falls dangerously short of what is needed to protect people and nature from climate change," Environmentalists are generally not very happy with the present developments as they expect some strong and firm action from all wealthier nations to cut the green house gases to a reasonable extend.