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Climate change may affect millions: WHO
The World Health Organization warned that millions of people may face poverty, disease, hunger, and other atrocities due to climate change. The adverse effect is as a result of rising temperatures and changing rainfall and the worst sufferers will be from poor countries.
Seminar on Climate Change
One day Seminar on CLIMATE CHANGE
21st February 2009
Organized by Centre for Environment Education and Technology(CEET)
In association with CMS college, Kottayam
Scientists discover new life in the Antarctic deep sea
Scientists have found hundreds of new marine creatures in the vast, dark deep-sea surrounding Antarctica. Carnivorous sponges, free-swimming worms, crustaceans, and molluscs living in the Weddell Sea provide new insights into the evolution of ocean life.
Reports of Bali Climate Change Conference
The United Nations Conference on Climate Change, Report Reports of Bali Climate Change Conference
“Low Emission Future” selected as Top Paper in ES&T
The publication of Glen Peters (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and coauthors in the journal, Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) has been identified as the top paper of the journal in 2007.
Beware veggies- studies shows that high concentration of cadmium, lead and other toxic heavy metals are present in common vegetables like cabbages, spinach and tomatoes. Well irrigated wheat too will intoxicate you.
The powerful get water, the powerless don’t: UNDP report
The UNDP’s annual Human Development Report for 2006 focuses on water and advocates small-scale solutions and efficiency improvements to tackle the global water crisis.
The Great Green Rush
Everyone -- including venture capitalists -- seems to be jumping onto the global biofuels bandwagon. But the ethanol needed to fill an SUV just once requires 200 kg of corn, which could feed a person for a whole year.
UN Climate Change Talks begins in Bangkok (PRESS RELEASE )
UN Climate Change Talks begins in Bangkok with warnings that little time remains for international community to negotiate 2009 Copenhagen agreement
Make This Sweaty Earth Cool – 10 Cool Methods
As little drops of water makes the mighty ocean and little deeds of love makes the heaven above, our little acts of wisdom makes this earth cool enough to live. You can help to reduce the trouble of green house gas emission by readjust the way you reflect, proceed and exist, check it out…..
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