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Sustainable Energy from Various sources
An overview of various sustainable energy sources such as hydroelectric, solar, wind and other sources, The generally known sustainable energy sources are from hydropower, solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power and tidal power.
Southwestern North America Region will dry in the 21st century?
Recent findings by Seager et al. in Science Magazine reports a high chance of dry out of the Southwestern North America region in the 21st century.
Solid Waste Management and Global Climate Change
There is a strong link between climate change and generation of waste. For example, methane gas, one of the greenhouse gases, produced at solid waste disposal sites contributes around 3-4 percent to the annual global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.
Corals and Climate Change
The World Health Organization warned that millions of people may face poverty, disease, hunger, and other atrocities due to climate change. The adverse effect is as a result of rising temperatures and changing rainfall and the worst sufferers will be from poor countries
China, India making poor progress on sanitation: UN
Worldwide, 5 billion people are expected to be without a connection to public sewerage by 2030 -- that’s 1.1 billion more people than in 2000, according to latest estimates (source:
Carbondioxide Catcher: New Hope in Climate Change?
Anything which gives a hope to reduce greenhouse gases is exciting!. New inventions and technologies are awaited to tackle the problem of growing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
The advent of waste of “disposable” in the hospitals has brought in its wake attendant ills, that is, inappropriate recycling, unauthorised and illegal reuse and increase in the quantum of waste.
A plastic trail
The menace of plastic is a real managerial dilemma obviously when it masks your lanes and chokes your ways. But here the good news.
Future of Alternative Energy: Report
“Residential energy use in the United States will increase 25 percent by the year 2025, according to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) forecasts. A small but increasing share of that extra power will trickle in from renewable sources like wind, sunlight, water, and heat in the ground.” National Geographic News
Environment Education: Extend to the public
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